Everything French

Hello peeps!

Lately, I have been very inspired by the Parisian lifestyle. I absolutely love the fashion, home decor and everything in between. It’s just very fun, flirty and sexy. Since I have felt so influenced by this trendy lifestyle, I decided to create a collage of my dream home decor. All of the furniture and small details are inspired by the Parisian lifestyle with a minimal twist. I was really feeling the white and cream color combination while making this collage; I never really paid attention to how much they compliment each other. Of course all of the furniture I found on Polyvore was way out of my price range, but I can still dream, right? :’)

I found this cute article online that spoke about the “rules of living as a true Parisian.” Basically it said that when it comes to their home, things should not be over styled. It must look done but undone, meaning nothing should look like it came from the same place. Also, incorporate touches of lavishness like silk drapes, complex wallpaper and an oversized mirror. Adding aesthetically pleasing elements like fresh flowers or a nice candle will help complete the look. Read more of the article HERE. I hope you enjoy my collage below! Let me know what has been inspiring you lately for fashion, lifestyle, or home decor!


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